Friday, July 23, 2010

Having a little fun!

Today I bought a cheap program to enhance my pictures, I have never done anything like this... so, you can imagine how much fun I am having! Here's what I have done today!
This picture was super fun!!

Doesn't he look so mature for a 10 year old?

He was so much fun photographing, every picture was different! It was just as fun editing it!

I love this one of Jen holding Ethan!!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

First Entry...

I am still so green when it comes to photography, but I already feel like it is going to be a life long love of mine! I have always loved to take pictures but now they look a little better...

I am at the tail end of my first class, which I am super sad about. But the next one will start in September, I am excited! I thought I would go through each week of my class and assignments to show just how much I have grown. I hope you can see it too!

Week 1 Lesson 1- Light

In this lesson we learned about the perfect light and angles. We saw what worked and what didn't. This assignment was interesting to me. I didn't really do it correctly because my pictures don't really show different light. I still really liked what I did, even if it wasn't what my teacher was looking for.

Week 1 Lesson 2- Light & People

I loved this lesson! I learned how light and shadows could make or break a picture of a person. This picture is of my daughter Makenzie, she loves the camera!

Week 2 Lesson 1- Focus
This assignment was super fun, but it was sort of difficult... Finding an object to photograph was a little hard because I wanted my pictures to be interesting. But it all turned out great!

Week 2 Lesson 2- Photographing Flowers

The picture I turned in wasn't my best but I was super busy and had to turn something in... But I learned a lot about taking pictures of flowers, like having a focus point!

Week 3 Lesson 1- Crop

This was my favorite lesson yet! I learned the most... I learned about the rule of thirds, negitave space and close up shots. I LOVE the picture I took for this one!

So far that's all I have done but I will be posting the next lesson soon!! :)